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Finally, a Real Math Game!

The problem we solve:
Most math games on the Internet are boring. They are typically nothing more than a set of math problems with animated backgrounds and absolutely no gameplay.

MathScore EduFighter is Awesome
In multiple anonymous surveys, more than 80% of all students surveyed rated MathScore EduFighter as awesome. Some of the students even called MathScore EduFighter the best math game they have ever played.

MathScore EduFighter is one of the only math games today that provides real-time, team-based action along with strategic decisions. It supports up to 8 simultaneous players in 4 vs. 4 team-based action, and it also provides a set of single player missions with high scores and a cool rating system.

The objective in MathScore EduFighter is to take down the enemy ship. You can protect your ship with a variety of defensive skills, but in order to win, you will have to go on the offensive. Will you focus on phasers, torpedoes, disruptors, or a combination of all 3? Check out the 2.5 minute demo on the left to get a glimpse of some of the battle options.

The demo on the left is played intentionally slowly so you can follow along with the action. Actual game play, however, can be frenetic when played at a high level.

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